I just wanted to let you know we are extremely happy with our Crown Pools. Buying the 41x 21 sized pool was our first smart move. We wanted a pool large enough for plenty of kids and adults. We also wanted lots of room to exercise. Sinking it in the ground with a deep end was our second smart move. We are really making good use of it.

Building a large deck around the pool was the finishing touch. Jim Hendricksen did a great job on our deck and finished it in three days. We now have a very large pool with an expansive deck all within a beautiful setting. We were enjoying the pool in a matter of days, not months. And best of all, we are into the pool and decking for about 1/2 the price of a much smaller in-ground pool.

Our decision to buy a Crown Pool was based equally on initial cost, expediency of the finished product and potential cost of future repairs. After much deliberation between a Crown Pool and a true in-ground pool, we feel we have made a good, sound decision. We will send you a picture of the pool setting when the fencing is completed. We thank you for your continued support and service!