Pool Supplies & Chemicals

We Carry Poolife® , Pristine Blue®, Baquacil®, BAQUA Spa® and Brilliance® for Spas Brand Chemicals

Crown Pools is dedicated to providing our Dallas, Allen & DeSoto customers with the very best swimming pool and hot tub chemicals on the market. That’s why we carry poolife® Exclusive Pool Care Collection, Baquacil®, BAQUA Spa® and Brilliance® for Spas brand chemicals and everything else you’re going to need for your pool and hot tub. The health, quality and clarity of your pool and hot tub water is our number one concern, and we’re confident the innovative products from these brands will keep your water crystal clear and clean.

We also offer a comprehensive product line including, equipment, parts, cleaning devices and recreation products, and unique items that will make your pool and backyard the perfect spot for all the family to enjoy. Don’t  forget to bring your water sample in for a free in-store analysis, and we will provide you with a unique solution for your pool. For more information about these fine brands or products, please read on or stop by one of our showrooms to learn from the Crown Pools professionals.

Salt-Mineral System

The ClearBlue pool ionizer hooks into your pool filtration system and releases microscopic mineral ions which control bacteria and algae. This allows you to reduce the chlorine, algaecide and other chemicals by up to 90%1. The ClearBlue Ionizer costs less than a salt chlorinator and ClearBlue pools are less effort to maintain than traditional chlorine or salt water pools.

Perfectly Balanced

Chlorine and salt chlorinators affect the pH balance of the water. This means you constantly have to adjust the balance up or down using chemicals. ClearBlue mineral ions are completely neutral and pH almost never needs adjusting.

Your swimming pool and hot tub maintenance is way easier now, thanks to Crown Pools and Pristine Blue. Following the maintenance program every 2 weeks from Pristine Blue, you will have a care free pool, so you can focus on enyoing your personal resort with your family.

Pristine Blue is compatible with most pools including salt water pools and chlorine pools, and safe to use on any pools and spa surfaces.

baquacil- pool supplies & chemicalsThe BAQUACIL® Pool Care System is an innovative chlorine-free system that protects your pool against bacteria and algae. Gentle to the skin, eyes and hair, the BAQUACIL® brand lets you feel secure in knowing you’re not only doing something good for your pool, but good for your family, too.

With premium BAQUACIL® pool care products, you can finally achieve the kind of clarity your pool was designed for in the first place.


baquaspa- pool supplies & chemicalsSpa care simplified, your time multiplied! That’s the advantage of a chlorine-free, bromine-free BaquaSpa® system for your spa care routine. When you add it all up, the results are always the same – water that feels fresh and soft on your skin in mere minutes. Start spending less time on your spa and more time in it with BaquaSpa®!

BAQUA Spa® offers consistent, long-lasting protection. With just one application, bacteria levels are controlled for as long as 10–14 days.


brilliance- pool supplies & chemicalsExperience brilliantly clear water with less odor and irritation to skin and eyes with the Brilliance® for spas system. In just 3 easy steps, this bromine-based spa care program produces clean, clear water.


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