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#320 Rainbow Chlorinator

Rainbow’s 320 series of inline chlorinators are designed for permanent installation in the return line of pools and spas.

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No need to drill any holes. Comes with standard 2" slip PVC pipe fittings and adapter for 1-1/2" slip installation. Works on the pressure side of the pump and is to be used with slow dissolving Trichlor tabs and sticks or bromine tabs and sticks. Includes a heavy-duty 1/2" control valve and a replaceable 1/2" check valve. Unit comes with feed line installed in the bottom of chlorinator for normal use but is also drilled and tapped at the top of chlorinator if additional chlorine/bromine dispersion is required. Top feed 1/2" x 18" extension tubing is included.

100,000 BTU Natural

100,000 BTU Propane

200,000 BTU Natural

207,000 BTU Natural

250,000 BTU Natural

267,000 BTU Natural

300,000 BTU Natural

333,000 BTU Natural

337,000 BTU Natural

400,000 BTU Natural

400,000 BTU Natural

400,000 BTU Natural


407,000 BTU Natural

Across Pool Volleyball game by Poolmaster

Aqua Roller by Poolmaster

Autumn Breeze

Beautifully designed wall with resin top rails and verticals are a winning combination! This pool will bring a lifetime of memories to any backyard.

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  • 6" Resin Verticals. The wide verticals give this graceful pool a strong frame that features all of the beauty and benefits of resin materials!
  • Flared 6 1/2 inch Resin Top Rails. Sleek resin top rails are the perfect touch for the relaxing design of the Autumn Breeze wall.

Balboa Eco Matic Salt- Chlorine Generator

Baracuda X7 Quatro

The latest suction cleaner technology for swimming pools.

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  1. Rigid Fins help the Quatro actually climb over obstacles such as lights and even steps.
  2. Super Quiet Diaphragm enables quietest operation in suction cleaner category.
  3. Tilt Action Rudder provides directional steering to the X7 Quatro moving it in the opposite direction to the pool hose.
  4. Flexi Hose Joint allows movement in all directions to allow the X7 Quatro to go where other cleaners have problems.

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